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For best results:

For highest quality, please set your  document resolution to 300 dpi (dots per square inch) and save as a CMYK document.  If you are unable to do so, feel free to contact us!  


Our preferred printing file type is a HIGH-QUALITY PDF, but we gladly work with the following formats:

Adobe Suite (.ai, .psd, .idd)
For maximum compatibility please save documents as CS6 Legacy versions

Microsoft Office (.doc, .docx, .pub) 

General Image Formats (.png, .jpg, .tiff) 

If you'd like to print to the edge of the paper (what we refer to as having a 'bleed') your document will need to be at least 1/8th inch LARGER than the finished size.



Regardless of whether you print to the page’s edge or not, it’s best to make sure that all text and images stay 1/4” from the inner edge of the paper (see safe zone).  

Full-page printing


If your document requires a specific color match please include BOTH a PANTONE PMS number and a CMYK code (See Reference)


If you're unsure about either of these pieces of information please provide a printed sample and we will work to produce the most accurate match possible.  


How can I get started with a custom order? 

If you're ready to place an order, please use the "Go to Print" menu option at the top of our website.  You'll be directed to an order form where we'll ask for your contact information, a description of the project, and the file(s) you'll need printed.  

What is the typical turnaround? 

Turnaround will vary depending on the scale of your project, however, most jobs consisting of less than 1,000 pieces can be finished within 1-2 days.  ​

How can I get my file to you? 

To submit a file please use "Go to print" option on the header menu.  There you'll have the option to start an order, request a proof, or submit a file.   You will NOT be charged for a submitting files, and we will contact you with a confirmation BEFORE any of your files go to print! 

What file type should I send? 

We can handle most any file type (.ai, .eps, .jpg, .png, .docx,), but our preference is a "High-quality PDF".  

What are "bleeds?"

'Bleed' is a term used to describe documents that are printed all the way to the paper's edge.  In order to achieve this effect, we will print your document on a slightly larger piece of paper (or other substrate) and then cut the image down to the finished size. Bleeded documents create a much more crisp and professional appearance, but will increase your cost slightly.  

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