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Turn the ordinary
        into the extraordinary.


Specialty printing sets you above the rest.

Die Cutting

STARTING @ $100  prices vary based on design

Die cutting operates on the same basic principle as a kitchen cookie cutter but on a grander scale. The process involves using a die cutting press loaded with a steel-rule die that cuts a specific shape or design

into the material.

Standard dies are available in hundreds of basic shapes ranging from circles and rings to slots and corner cutouts.


Custom dies can be created in virtually any cut and configuration to ensure a precise fit for your unique application. Once the die is cast, the production process is automated for fast, efficient and precise results.

die cutting 1_2x.jpg

Letterpress printing

STARTING @ $100  prices vary based on design

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, a process by which many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper.


STARTING @ $100  prices vary based on design

Paper embossing is the process of creating raised relief designs on paper. Round pointed tools — such as the end of a paintbrush or a plastic chopstick — and thick paper are the best materials for embossing. The most notable form of embosing is brail!

Great products to use embossing on are business cards and book covers. You can immediatley grab the attention of a client or potential customers with a textile felling added to your design.

If embossing sounds interesting to you, ask for a quote today!


Foil printing

Impressions mean a lot, and with metallic foil print, it isn't only eye-catching, but it stands out as looking incredible. It also feels wonderfully tactile thanks to the soft-touch background and smooth shiny foil.

Printing individual names on your foiled invites or different designs for your foil menus has never been easier with digital foil printing!


Round Cornering

A big trend coming back this season is round corners! An easy add-on to any invite or postcard, get proof of rounded corners and see how your design would look today. Try out two or all four corners to weigh your options.

  • 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch sizes available


Folding & Scoring

Have you ever tried to fold a piece of cardstock paper and the edge of the fold starts to tatter and break? There's a solution for that! 

Scoring a piece of thick paper is essential before you fold to avoid an eyesore folded edge. If you need your print piece scored, don't waist time doing it at home- let us score for you and we'll fold it after for free!


Paper Finishes & Types

  • Matte Paper

    • Paper is shine-free, and you can even write on them with a permanent marker.

  • Gloss or Coated Paper

    • This paper type accentuate color and gives depth, making images more vibrant with a dramatically shiny finish.

  • Soft Touch Lamination

    • This provides a shine-free, velvety coating that makes people want to hang on to your print piece.

  • UV Coating

    • UV Coating is also commonly called High Gloss, because of the coating your print piece will have an ultra shiny look.​

  • Clear Lamination

    • We offer both your standard lamination sheets (plastic edges) as well as a lamination coating (no plastic edges).​

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