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Affordable and cost-effective
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We're a certified USPS Printer for EDDMs!

What is an EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mailing, or EDDM, is different from your typical direct mailing services and postcards. EDDMs are a special mailing service provided by the US Postal Service which a customer can target specific mailing routes from their chosen area to send out their promotional mail-outs.

  • Great for small businesses, restaurants, realtors, and local political campaigns

  • No special mailing permit needed

  • You can target your mailing audience based on age, average income, and residential homes only on a route

Using an EDDM is a great way to spread your message in an affordable and cost effective way to a large audience. Here at Quick Digital Printing our experienced staff can help you set up, print, and even mail out your EDDMs to save you time and headaches.


Setting up an EDDM for print

A number of requirements need to be met before an EDDM can be accepted by the post office. Whether your setting up your own EDDM or working with our graphics department, we want all our customers to know about the size requirements. All EDDMs must be a minimum of 6.125 inches high and 10.5 inches long with a maximum size of 12 inches high and 15 inches long.

EDDMs also use a mailing indicia instead of a regular postage, shown to the right. We use a retail EDDM indicia here at QDP which is more cost effective for customers using a local mailing route near them or for those who would like to mail through us within the twin cities area. 


An important requirement that most first time EDDM customers forget to account for is paper thickness. As a printer, we know exactly what kind of weight and paper stock options work best and are accepted by the post office in order to make your printing and mailing hassle free.

For more information you can view our free Quick Customer EDDM Guide and explore the EDDM Online tool below, or look at the reference guide provide by the U.S. Postal Services.



Read more about EDDMs and how we can help your mailing campaign on our services page below.

EDDM Reference
Customer EDDM

Have a mailing list? Try Direct Mailing

Send in your mailing list or buy one through us and we'll print and mail directly to their address! Direct mailing is also available in a number of formats like newsletters and brochures, but keep in mind that postage discount only apply to postcards that are 4" x 6" and EDDMs!

Learn more about

Direct Mailing

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